Financial Aid Program

In order to be considered for financial aid at Windsor Academy, the parents of the student shall follow the designated guidelines.

  • Applicants must apply, or re-apply, each year
  • Applicants must submit the last two (2) years tax returns, along with the last two pay stubs for each person in the household who works.
  • Financial aid is based on the full tuition amount; no one can get discounts AND financial aid.
  • Before Financial Aid can be awarded, the Applicant must pay:
    • All Past Delinquent Amounts in full.
    • All Enrollment Fees in full; no discounts if receiving financial aid.
  • If you are granted Financial Aide, the Applicant agrees to, and understands that:
    • A minimum of $TBD per month per child is due by the 3rd or 18th of each month (June-May), using FACTS.
    • No post-dated checks will be accepted.
    • If payments become delinquent, financial aid will be terminated. If there are extenuating circumstances for the delinquency, then contact the Windsor Academy Finance Office to set up a meeting with the Finance Committee immediately.


Georgia taxpayers can now take credit for helping kids! A 2008 law allows individuals and corporations to receive a Georgia income tax credit for re-directing their state income tax payments to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program.

GOAL uses these contributions to provide private school scholarships to students who are eligible to enroll in Pre-K4 or kindergarten or who are transferring from a Georgia public school. Taxpayers can designate the school at which these scholarships will be awarded! This means that your contribution can be used to support children who want to attend Windsor Academy.

Since this is your tax payment to the state, why not re-direct some of those taxes to provide financial assistance to families who need help in sending their child(ren) to Windsor Academy By designating a portion of your taxes to come to Windsor Academy, we are able to:

  1. increase the financial aid that it can offer new students,
  2. increase school enrollment,
  3. increase the funds available to improve educational offerings, and
  4. continue to operate the school without an increase in tuition.

Learn more about GOAL